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WinPatrol 2013 Plus 28.0.2013.0

Название программы: WinPatrol 2013 Plus
Версия программы: 28.0.2013.0
Последняя версия программы: 28.0.2013.0
Адрес официального сайта: BillP Studios
Язык интерфейса: Multi+Русский
Лечение: В комплекте
Тип лекарства: Кейген

Системные требования:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)

WinPatrol отслеживает и уничтожает в операционной системе различные шпионские модули и вредоносные программы типа Adware и Spyware, находит и обезвреживает некоторые типы вирусов-Троянов, саморазмножающиеся вирусы и программы, представляющие угрозу для конфиденциальности компьютерной информации. WinPatrol следит за изменениями, происходящими в браузере и не допускает установки в него различных баров и шпионских модулей.

Основные возможности WinPatrol:
Менеджер автозагрузки Windows
Отложенный старт
Контроль компонентов ActiveX
Надстройки браузера
Отслеживание заданий
Настройка служб Windows
Диспетчер процессов
Фильтры куки
Ассоциации программ и расширений файлов
Отображение скрытых файлов

Изменения в версии 28.0.2013.0:
WinPatrol Maintenence and Reset Tool
Under the PLUS tab, you'll find About/Version information along with your way to activate WinPatrol PLUS once you purchase a lifetime Name and PLUS code. You'll also find a search box so you can look up PLUS Information on files even if they aren't found in any of your lists. This can be used when you want to help a friend find out more about a mystery file on their computer.
There's also a "Reset" link previously used to initialize the PLUS name and code. The clickable Reset link has been expanded to provide useful tools created based on email questions from WinPatrol users.For details on each tool the help button will open the following information...
Windows Services - Automatic (Delayed Start)
One of the possible startup values for Windows Services is Automatic but with Delayed Start. WinPatrol now supports versions of Window and displays the Delayed Start option when available WinPatrol also allows Services to be managed so you can include this option when appropriate.
User Interface Improvements
Alert screens have been updated to be less annoying and provide most effective information. Readability has been improved with icons moved to the right side and some buttons have more descriptive text. Nobody likes alert windows and under normal use you'll never see an Alert message. When you do, WinPatrol will help you decide if a change is required and do what it can to reduce repeating alerts. We've found that 8 out of 10 programs which fight efforts to be removed from the Startup list are legitimate programs, usually designed to provide dangerous automatic updates.
Registration Improvements
When installing WinPatrol you'll be asked to supply your name, country and email. This information is used for statistical reasons to help BillP Studios understand the rate WinPatrol is installed, how installations react to promotions and especially how we can make WinPatrol PLUS the best possible value. Your name and email is used as a unique identifier and also helps to quickly find any requested PLUS codes that may be lost..

Anyone concerned about privacy didn't have to provide their truthful information but still had to fill in the form to continue.. Even though it's a standard practice to request registration for free software we don't want to alienate any fans of WinPatrol.
Version 28.0 found a new way to provide the same statistics without requiring a name or Email. All registration information is now optional.
Improved Handling of Invalid Filenames
When programs are uninstalled poorly there can often be left over characters or spaces that frequently trigger WinPatrol alerts that contain no information. This version reduces the possibility of corrupted filenames.
Better Display when File Does Not Exist
Much of the information displayed by WinPatrol comes from registry and our goal is to let users see what's in the registry without having to know how to use regedit.exe. In some cases, programs have been registered but the file no longer exists. Often other security software removes the file but doesn't update registry pointers. This version make it more obvious when a file no longer exists and is no possible threat.

Процедура лечения + отчёты VirusTotal:
Установить программу, закрыть её
Русифицировать - добавить данные из winpatrolrussian.reg
Запустить программу, запустить Keygen.exe, сгенерировать на любое имя серийник, зарегистрировать программу.
Запретить программе с помощью фаервола сетевую активность.

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