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The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb [v1.666] (2012) PC | Eternal Edition

Жанр: Инди, 2D, Экшен, Аркада
Разработчик / Издательство: Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl
Платформа: PC Версия: 1.666 Тип издания: Пиратка
Язык интерфейса: Английский (перевод не требуется)
Таблэтка: Вшита (THETA)
Системные требования:
> ОС: Windows XP / Vista / 7
> Процессор: с тактовой частотой 2,5 ГГц
> Оперативная память: 1 ГБ
> Видеокарта: совместимая с Direct X9.0c
> Жёсткий диск: 50 МБ свободного места

Когда мать Исаака слышит голос Бога, требующего принесения жертвы в доказательство ее веры, Исаак бежит в подвал, но сталкивается там с толпами безумных врагов, своими потерянными братьями и сестрами, своими страхами и, наконец, с собственной матерью. «The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb» — это дополнение к игре «The Binding of Isaac», двухмерному шутеру со случайно генерируемыми уровнями и элементами ролевых и роуглайк (Rogue-like) игр. Сопровождая Исаака в его похождениях, игроки найдут множество необычных сокровищ, которые изменят внешность Исаака и дадут ему сверхчеловеческие способности, позволяющие победить толпы загадочных существ, открыть множество тайн и с боем пробить себе путь к спасению. The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb | Eternal Edition - 3 мая 2015 года дополнение Wrath of the Lamb обзавелось бесплатным обновлением до версии 1.666 и получило приставку "Eternal Edition".

Особенности игры:
- Изменения механики некоторых боссов.
- Старый "новый" режим "Hard Mode".
- Добавлены "вечные" виды монстров и боссов.
- Многочисленные исправления багов. changelog Tentative unofficial 1.666 changelog for the Eternal Edition. http://steamcommunity.com/app/113200/discussions/0/613956964595969142/ Global changes -Hard mode added ( shows a white pentagram on the bottom left corner of the screen in game )
-New Steam and in-game achievements added
-The size of the health bar now scales with the number of heart containers ( i.e. you can now see the heart containers you have past 12 ), up to 48 visible hearts.
-The amount of Kamikaze Flies you can keep between rooms is no longer limited to 5 ( the maximum seems to be 10 now )
-Shot speed up/down pills added
-Explosive Diarrhea pills are back in the game
-You can no longer leave a room if there's a black fly in it ( you can't exploit flies to reset a room or turn a slot machine into a fortune teller anymore )
-Dying in a boss room after clearing it doesn't cause the boss to respawn anymore
-Killing Mom's Foot ( Depths/Necropolis 2 boss ) can now reward the player with Mom's Purse
-Wiggle Worm is more dynamic and allows the player to angle shots
-The Parasite got tweaked so you can no longer hit the same enemy twice with one shot
-Mask of Infamy now has a health bar
-Hoppers' and Keepers' got their movement speed increased and can now jump over obstacles
-New trinket, the Game Squid, added : gives a chance to slow enemies on hit
-Eternal Flies now stay white when their host is destroyed ( their interaction with familiars might also have changed? )
-The Habit now gives the amount of charges you'd get for clearing a room instead of a flat 3 per hit
-New room patterns added
-Item pools changed ( some items might not be special anymore, some that weren't now are )
-The Crystal Ball now removes any active Curse of Darkness when used
-New monster added : a ball of flies that looks like a double Moter
-Mom's Contact now also reduces shot speed
-The Mask + Heart monster's health has been reduced
-Magic 8 Ball now also shows the location of the Boss Room on the map
-Basement/Cellar XL item rooms have a chance not to be locked
-Using the Joker card can fail to send the player in the Devil Room and instead teleport the player in a random room or do nothing at all ( probably only happens in Sheol, the Cathedral and the Chest )
-The Candle cannot hit offscreen enemies anymore ( like the doors in Mom's fight ) Hard Mode only changes ( see the Reddit link above for details ) http://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/34o6gu/complete_list_of_changes_in_hardmode_besides/ -New white champion version ( eternal? ) of bosses and enemies added : they have new attacks, increased health and can drop Eternal Hearts ( only a chance for normal mobs, guaranteed for bosses )
-New challenge room added ( Eternal challenge ? ) where you can fight several eternal enemies and bosses for an Angel Room item
-Rerolling an item with the D6 can fail and make the item disappear ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-Orbitals ( Cube of Meat, Pretty Fly etc ) now disappear after a few hits, but reappear after leaving the room
-Bomb pickups can turn into troll bombs when touched ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The chances of getting a reward after clearing a room are lower ( based on luck, see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The drop rates from champions are lower
-The player's damage is lower in hard mode ( see the Reddit link above for the formula )
-The chances for a special item to appear have been tweaked ( check Reddit for the formula )
-Brimstone, Dr.Fetus and Epic Fetus appear less often
-Horsemen and some alt versions of bosses can be encountered even if you don't have the corresponding achievements unlocked
-Guppy's Paw now gives 2 Soul Hearts per Red Heart instead of 3
-The Sun card and the Full Health pill only heal you for a few red hearts instead of fully
-Red Heart container cap increased to 16 To be confirmed -IPECAC's damage reduced ( probably due to the blanket damage reduction in hard mode )
-Conquest ( and Headless Horseman? ) can now drop a Cube of Meat
-My Reflection may have changed ( tears seem to follow a fixed path instead of being being affected by shot speed )
-Bob's Rotten Head's range reduced
Бонусный контент
•Soundworks by Danny Baranowsky
•Soundworks by Brent Kennedy
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