Скачать Assetto Corsa Update v1.1 to v1.1.3 (ENG|MULTI5) - Lordw007 торрент

Assetto Corsa Update v1.1 to v1.1.3 (ENG|MULTI5) - Lordw007

Версия обновления: 1.1.3 от 19 марта 2015
• Требуемая версия: 1.1 with DLC
• Язык обновления: Любой, не зависит от языка
• Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM|CODEX)
- Launcher default theme (online): added option to filter out servers that contain unavailable content
- Launcher default theme: added option in Options > General to keep currently selected track conditions when changing game mode
- Launcher: various stability fixes
- Fixed some audio crash on unexpected values
- Fixed C9 exterior backfires
- Fixed C9 exterior attenuation distance
- In game telemetry now works properly with track-config scenario
- HDR app now correctly disable saving button for KS cars onboard exposure
- New Fmod SDK project (added gear_grind and horn events) 1.1.2
- Fixed lap time detection system missing first laps
- Improved Physics Time Occupancy % (PHY) in Render Stat Form
- Improved overlay leaderboard to show millisecond accuracy gaps for Qual and Practice session and "PIT" indicator for pitted cars
- Fixed McLaren P1 wing always down in multiplayer
- Fixed cars not locked in pits when not starting after a multiplayer session was restarted
- Added option to suppress log in assetto_corsa.ini
- Fixed replay timestamps on the timeline
- Fixed useless yellow flags on race start
- Fixed getTrackConfig Python API returning wrong string
- Launcher: added forced exit timer on shutdown
- Launcher: added more details in content loading errors 1.1.1
- Launcher: new option in Options > General to ignore Windows' display scaling
- Launcher: launcher will now reset to default theme on version change
- Launcher: potential fix for rare crash on exit
- Launcher default theme: further additions to the handling of missing/problematic mod content
- Added Visual Studio DLLs
- Now correctly set replay speed for replay files recorded with older versions of AC
- improved exterior m235i backfire envelopment
- Corrected C9 numbers on skin
- Corrected Alfa GTA tyres naming
- Custom post processes are now correctly located by the launcher in Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg/ppfilters

1. Установитьраспаковать Update в папку с игрой
2. Применить при необходимости таблетку из папки NoDVD
3. Играть
* Присутствует appmanifest.acf для установки в лицензионный клиент Steam и Отдельно SFV файл для проверки целостности игры
Assetto Corsa Update v1.1 to v1.1.3 (ENG|MULTI5) - Lordw007 4.5 из 5 на основе 1867 просмотров, 5 отзывов.

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