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PlugInGuru - Massive Power Pack Vol 1 (Nmsv)

Производитель: PlugInGuru
Формат: Massive.Nmsv
Язык: английский
Платформа: PC or Mac

105 пресет к синтезатору NI Massive: bass, synths, pads, bells, FX и др.
John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl turns his attention to one of the most popular soft synths on the market - Native Instrument's Massive - to design 105 presets covering bass, synths, pads, bells, FX and more.
The power of Massive to create monster throbbing basslines, booming subs and insane bass wobbles is well know amongst the dubstep and D&B community. You'll find the most complete versions of wobble basses you can find anywhere along with inspiring patches that take Massive into the realms of techno, dance, electro, hip hop, chillout and much much more.
As well as the obligatory sub basses there's beautiful bells, Über-flexible bpm-synced pulsing synth patches, the warmest lush pads you've ever heard Massive produce, aggressive leads, epic unison synth patches, twisted SFX and even guitar, harp, keyboard and wind patches.
What REALLY sets a PlugInGuru Power Pack apart from any other patch library is the depth of programming skill applied to the 8 real-time performance knobs. Skippy gives YOU the steering wheel to warp these patches for unrivaled creative control in a live or studio environment! Massive is NOT sample-based so by adjusting knobs with creative names like MONSTER, Dirt, Color, Chord, Sizzle and Freak, (along with more typical OSC1 Vol, Cutoff, Reso, Attk, Decay, Release etc) thousands upon thousands of radically different patch variations are waiting to be discovered! Watch the below video to see what we're talking about!
If you're looking to see what Massive can truly sound like, then Skippy's Massive Power Pack is THE place to start.
Please note: this pack will only work with Massive version 1.3 or higher (PC or Mac).
31-BPM Synth Programs
4-Brass Synth Programs
27-Synth Bass Programs
7-Wobble Bass Programs (totally morphable!)
7-FX Patches
2-Guitar Patches
1-Synth Harp Patch
2-Keyboard Patches
2-Organ Patches
14-Synth Lead Patches
10-Lush to EPIC Synth Pads
14-Fast Synth Patches
1-Magical Wind Patch

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торрент PlugInGuru - Massive Power Pack Vol 1 (Nmsv)

1.61 MB
PlugInGuru-Massive.Power.Pack.V1 (134 файла)
PlugInGuru Massive V1 (133 файла)
file DEFAULT START.nmsv (3.29 kB)
file BEL-2 B Lovely.nmsv (3.73 kB)
file BEL-Bellarina.nmsv (4.06 kB)
file BEL-Butterflies.nmsv (3.75 kB)
file BEL-Dreamlimba.nmsv (3.99 kB)
file BEL-Feel Good.nmsv (4.14 kB)
file BEL-Fizzy Bell.nmsv (3.51 kB)
file BEL-Glass Statues.nmsv (4.12 kB)
file BEL-Good Feel.nmsv (4.14 kB)
file BEL-Massive Kalimba.nmsv (4.08 kB)
file BPM - Evil Empire.nmsv (4.11 kB)
file BPM-Buzzy Pulsations.nmsv (4.00 kB)
file BPM-Checkmate.nmsv (4.50 kB)
file BPM-Dream Pulsations.nmsv (4.34 kB)
file BPM-FutureTech PAD.nmsv (3.89 kB)
file BPM-Glowstick Lead.nmsv (3.68 kB)
file BPM-Gridlock.nmsv (4.19 kB)
file BPM-Happy Mute Pulse.nmsv (4.57 kB)
file BPM-LFO Pitch Freak.nmsv (3.56 kB)
file BPM-Lack ov Focus.nmsv (4.25 kB)
file BPM-LazerQuark PAD.nmsv (4.11 kB)
file BPM-Metal Pulsations.nmsv (4.42 kB)
file BPM-Mind Krusher.nmsv (4.79 kB)
file BPM-Psycho Clowns.nmsv (4.43 kB)
file BPM-Pulse Frog.nmsv (4.44 kB)
file BPM-Pulsing Cowboy.nmsv (4.49 kB)
file BPM-Pulsing with It.nmsv (4.57 kB)
file BPM-QuikE Explorers.nmsv (4.28 kB)
file BPM-Ready 4 Tonight.nmsv (4.23 kB)
file BPM-Reflective.nmsv (4.55 kB)
file BPM-Rolling with It.nmsv (4.55 kB)
file BPM-Snack Mouse.nmsv (4.78 kB)
file BPM-Spoiled Child.nmsv (4.31 kB)
file BPM-Star Commander.nmsv (4.26 kB)
file BPM-Sub Zero 1.nmsv (3.97 kB)
file BPM-Sub Zero 2.nmsv (3.79 kB)
file BPM-Tek Pulse 1.nmsv (4.41 kB)
file BPM-Tek Pulse 2.nmsv (4.06 kB)
file BPM-Train to Extinction.nmsv (4.20 kB)
file BPM-Transgressions.nmsv (4.43 kB)
file BPM-Tug O War.nmsv (3.93 kB)
file BRS-Bold Synth Brass.nmsv (4.49 kB)
file BRS-Massiv Party.nmsv (3.74 kB)
file BRS-Stabby Brass 1.nmsv (4.05 kB)
file BRS-Stabby Brass 2.nmsv (4.05 kB)
file BS-16th Note Trancer.nmsv (3.86 kB)
file BS-Avatar.nmsv (4.01 kB)
file BS-BODY Mover 1.nmsv (3.65 kB)
file BS-BODY Mover 2.nmsv (3.64 kB)
file BS-Brite Snapper.nmsv (4.27 kB)
file BS-Brite Wide Monster.nmsv (4.05 kB)
file BS-Dark Bot.nmsv (3.82 kB)
file BS-Dark Notch 1.nmsv (3.91 kB)
file BS-Dark Notch 2.nmsv (3.93 kB)
file BS-Dark Punch.nmsv (4.01 kB)
file BS-Dark Squarehead 2.nmsv (3.99 kB)
file BS-Dark Squarehead.nmsv (3.62 kB)
file BS-Deeeeeep P Bass.nmsv (3.79 kB)
file BS-FM Sine Plukked.nmsv (3.96 kB)
file BS-For da Funk 1.nmsv (3.56 kB)
file BS-For da Funk 2.nmsv (3.58 kB)
file BS-Junk Atk Sub.nmsv (3.94 kB)
file BS-Massive Brite.nmsv (4.39 kB)
file BS-Power Sub.nmsv (3.87 kB)
file BS-Quacky.nmsv (3.75 kB)
file BS-Rezo Knober.nmsv (3.73 kB)
file BS-Solid HipHop Dark.nmsv (3.81 kB)
file BS-Spiked Punch.nmsv (3.93 kB)
file BS-Synchro Toxic.nmsv (4.00 kB)
file BS-Torqued Screw.nmsv (4.11 kB)
file BS-Twin Sync Bass.nmsv (3.91 kB)
file BS-Wobble Bronx.nmsv (3.89 kB)
file BS-Wobble Genetic.nmsv (3.86 kB)
file BS-Wobble Single Wav.nmsv (3.62 kB)
file BS-Wobble Talk Dub.nmsv (3.94 kB)
file BS-Wobble Teeth.nmsv (3.92 kB)
file BS-Wobble Trixter.nmsv (3.89 kB)
file BS-Wobble UNIT.nmsv (3.77 kB)
file Bs-Deep Fast Lazer.nmsv (4.18 kB)
file FX-Bouncing Neurons.nmsv (4.36 kB)
file FX-Flaky FM Radio.nmsv (3.74 kB)
file FX-Freak UFO Tweeker.nmsv (4.33 kB)
file FX-Mr Billion Noises.nmsv (4.02 kB)
file FX-Neutronic Implosion.nmsv (3.70 kB)
file FX-Noise Sweep.nmsv (3.95 kB)
file FX-Solar Sirens.nmsv (4.09 kB)
file GTR-Acoustic Magic.nmsv (4.34 kB)
file GTR-Evil Distorted.nmsv (4.28 kB)
file GTR-Spirit Harp.nmsv (4.10 kB)
file KEY-Churches.nmsv (3.83 kB)
file KEY-Skippy Dyno EP.nmsv (4.29 kB)
file KEY-Velo Rez Clav.nmsv (3.85 kB)
file KEY-Veryflexi Organ.nmsv (4.58 kB)
file LD-19 Ways.nmsv (4.03 kB)
file LD-BRITE Fusion SAW.nmsv (3.90 kB)
file LD-Blip Tek.nmsv (3.57 kB)
file LD-Blipoid.nmsv (3.69 kB)
file LD-Circus Freakazoid.nmsv (3.79 kB)
file LD-Dirty Major Chord.nmsv (4.08 kB)
file LD-Mangled Squarez.nmsv (4.34 kB)
file LD-Massiv Multi Lead.nmsv (3.66 kB)
file LD-Morphing BagPiper.nmsv (4.33 kB)
file LD-Poker Face Sync.nmsv (3.93 kB)
file LD-Raw Bitter.nmsv (4.18 kB)
file LD-Spanky Lead.nmsv (4.60 kB)
file LD-Trash Talker.nmsv (4.06 kB)
file LD-Typhon Attack.nmsv (3.80 kB)
file LD-Virus in my Soup.nmsv (3.98 kB)
file PAD-Frozen Pictures.nmsv (4.46 kB)
file PAD-Growing Sunlight.nmsv (4.34 kB)
file PAD-Magical Strings.nmsv (3.67 kB)
file PAD-Pure SINE Pad.nmsv (3.84 kB)
file PAD-Stationary Waves.nmsv (4.05 kB)
file PAD-Sweet PWM.nmsv (3.93 kB)
file PAD-Techno Nirvana.nmsv (4.04 kB)
file PAD-The Pad.nmsv (4.04 kB)
file PAD-Warm Pastoral 1.nmsv (3.55 kB)
file PAD-Warm Pastoral 2.nmsv (3.88 kB)
file SYN-3 OSC Holy Grail.nmsv (4.27 kB)
file SYN-Chordal Avatar.nmsv (3.77 kB)
file SYN-Epic Detuned.nmsv (4.07 kB)
file SYN-Epic Strings.nmsv (4.38 kB)
file SYN-Fast Brite Comper.nmsv (4.03 kB)
file SYN-Massiv Detuned.nmsv (4.03 kB)
file SYN-Pizzi Synthetik.nmsv (3.72 kB)
file SYN-Poker Face 1.nmsv (4.10 kB)
file SYN-Poker Face 2.nmsv (3.82 kB)
file SYN-Royalty.nmsv (3.84 kB)
file SYN-Statik Shocker.nmsv (3.96 kB)
file SYN-Tacky Digi Synth.nmsv (4.18 kB)
file SYN-Twitter Synth.nmsv (4.43 kB)
file SYN-WhipperSnap.nmsv (4.30 kB)
file Wind-Magic Flute.nmsv (4.32 kB)
pdf Massive Power Pack V1 READ ME.pdf (1.08 MB)
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