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Dead Man's Draw (Stardock Entertainment) (ENG) [P]

Жанр: Казуальные игры, Стратегии
Разработчик: Stardock Entertainment
Издатель: Stardock Entertainment
Платформа: PC
Игра в стиме: http://store.steampowered.com/app/262450/
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Язык озвучки: -
Тип издания: Пиратка
Таблетка: Встроена (эмулятор от ALI213)
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista SP2
Оперативная память: 1 GB RAM
Видеокарта: OpenGL 1.5 or Higher Compatible Video Card
Место на жестком диске: 150 Мб свободного места
Дополнительно: 1024x768 and 16-bit or higher color depth required

The critically acclaimed card game is now available on PC! Dead Man’s Draw is a simple and strategic game of luck and skill that boils down strategy gameplay into a single, tense decision: to play it safe or risk everything in pursuit of killer combos and boundless treasure. Key Features Risk vs reward gameplay – Simple and strategic card game puts everything on the line for a single, tense decision
Create killer combos – Clever use of each card’s special power is key to victory
Dozens of tournaments – Unique rules add hours of new twists to gameplay
Eighteen game-changing traits – Customize your gameplay with special powers
Beautiful art without hardware requirements – Enjoy top-tier presentation and intricately detailed graphics without needing an expensive machine How it Works Players take turns drawing cards in search of the greatest number of points. The simple point values of each card are important, but their special abilities are even more critical. Swords steal cards from your opponent, Mystics reveal the next card, and combining a Chest with a Key leads to a huge bounty of bonus treasure. Clever use of each card’s special power leads to victory, but daring to draw is just as important – though any card could lead to a dramatic bust, it could also propel you to glory. Traits and tournaments make every game of Dead Man’s Draw unique. Making your Cannon special ability discard an opponent’s entire suit instead of a single card alters the path to victory for both players. Special tournament rules like collecting the cards from your opponent’s busts force you to approach every turn differently. Dozens of tournaments each bring a unique twist, and each of the 18 traits has a profound effect on gameplay. Upgraded for PC The original Dead Man’s Draw on iOS was praised by users on iTunes (4.5-star average) and critics alike, getting positive reviews from QuarterToThree.com, 148apps.com, PocketTactics.com, and more. This PC version is better than ever: No microtransactions or in-app purchases – all content is available, and traits can be used without spending gold
New Mermaid suit ability – Mermaids now allow you to replay a card in the river, leading to even bigger combos and epic turns
New Sirens trait – Steal any card your opponent replays with a Mermaid
Rebuilt for PC – Higher-resolution graphics and a UI specifically built for mouse-driven play
Dead Man's Draw (Stardock Entertainment) (ENG) [P] 4.5 из 5 на основе 1676 просмотров, 5 отзывов.

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торрент Dead Man's Draw (Stardock Entertainment) (ENG) [P]

72.06 MB
Dead Mans Draw (106 файлов)
Data (1 файл)
Strings (1 файл)
file en.json (19.05 kB)
Fonts (1 файл)
exe dmd_font_setup.exe (1.91 MB)
Music (6 файлов)
mp3 MatchCompleteLose.mp3 (131.22 kB)
mp3 MatchCompleteWin.mp3 (139.39 kB)
mp3 Menu.mp3 (238.37 kB)
mp3 Music1.mp3 (1.03 MB)
mp3 Music2.mp3 (525.51 kB)
mp3 Music3.mp3 (414.49 kB)
SFX (40 файлов)
file AIDiscard.wav (278.96 kB)
file Anchor.wav (424.34 kB)
file BankCard1.wav (19.18 kB)
file BankCard2.wav (16.47 kB)
file BankCard3.wav (20.75 kB)
file BankCard4.wav (17.22 kB)
file BankCardStart.wav (16.93 kB)
file BankGold1.wav (240.40 kB)
file BankGold2.wav (259.67 kB)
file BankGold3.wav (239.84 kB)
file BankGold4.wav (233.78 kB)
file Bust.wav (317.80 kB)
file BustClear.wav (98.01 kB)
file Cannon.wav (409.87 kB)
file CardFan.wav (342.66 kB)
file ChallengeGoldIncrease.wav (58.49 kB)
file DiscardLayerScroll.wav (113.87 kB)
file Draw.wav (33.03 kB)
file GameSceneLose.wav (637.14 kB)
file GameSceneWin.wav (667.67 kB)
file GoldAward.wav (381.18 kB)
file IncrementProgress.wav (34.19 kB)
file KeyChestComplete.wav (316.14 kB)
file KeyChestIncomplete.wav (191.32 kB)
file KeyChestSlide1.wav (23.09 kB)
file KeyChestSlide2.wav (23.22 kB)
file Kraken.wav (406.52 kB)
file LevelUp.wav (413.04 kB)
file MenuCardFan.wav (182.32 kB)
file Mermaid.wav (522.79 kB)
file MysteryChest.wav (259.44 kB)
file Oracle.wav (416.93 kB)
file PlayButton.wav (77.13 kB)
file PlayerDiscard.wav (90.13 kB)
file Steal.wav (52.56 kB)
file TournamentProgress.wav (895.10 kB)
file Trait.wav (353.65 kB)
file UIClick.wav (76.22 kB)
file UIToggle.wav (25.11 kB)
file Unlock.wav (264.41 kB)
Textures (47 файлов)
png Avatar9.png (642.66 kB)
png Avatars1234.png (2.34 MB)
png Avatars5678.png (2.52 MB)
png BGExport.png (4.02 MB)
png BigScoreNumbers.png (196.15 kB)
png FifthExport.png (2.17 MB)
png FourthExport.png (3.41 MB)
png HelpMenuExport.png (1.77 MB)
png Help_GameRules1.png (630.12 kB)
png Help_GameRules2.png (493.29 kB)
png Help_GameRules3.png (663.04 kB)
png Help_GameRules4.png (797.77 kB)
png Help_GameRules5.png (507.33 kB)
file IMFELLEnglish18.fnt (35.33 kB)
png IMFELLEnglish18_0.png (343.05 kB)
file IMFELLEnglishSC24.fnt (46.00 kB)
png IMFELLEnglishSC24_0.png (478.27 kB)
png MMFan_Export_4S.png (6.55 MB)
png MM_Assets1_4s.png (550.44 kB)
png MM_Assets2_4s.png (313.75 kB)
png Main.png (3.72 MB)
png PC.png (1.59 MB)
png Secondary.png (2.22 MB)
png SixthExport.png (2.86 MB)
png SmallScoreNumbers.png (102.50 kB)
png Splash.png (52.63 kB)
png TertiaryExport.png (3.25 MB)
png TournamentListBackground.png (1.63 MB)
png TraitsCardsExport.png (5.92 MB)
png ValuesAnchor.png (31.27 kB)
png ValuesCannon.png (28.49 kB)
png ValuesChest.png (26.13 kB)
png ValuesHook.png (30.13 kB)
png ValuesKey.png (30.95 kB)
png ValuesKraken.png (29.61 kB)
png ValuesMap.png (28.40 kB)
png ValuesMermaid.png (25.87 kB)
png ValuesOracle.png (29.88 kB)
png ValuesSword.png (29.62 kB)
png ca_KeyChest.png (237.56 kB)
png finger.png (90.42 kB)
png tr_DavyJonesLocker.png (52.58 kB)
png tr_Plunderer.png (250.37 kB)
png tr_Trait2ndSlot.png (80.76 kB)
png tr_TraitFeature1.png (332.27 kB)
png tr_TraitFeature2.png (172.06 kB)
png tr_TreasureHunter.png (244.67 kB)
exe DeadMansDraw.exe (1.19 MB)
file glew32.dll (324.00 kB)
file iconv.dll (868.00 kB)
file libCocosDenshion.dll (405.50 kB)
file libcocos2d.dll (1.86 MB)
file libcurl.dll (1.13 MB)
file libtiff.dll (513.00 kB)
file pthreadVCE2.dll (76.05 kB)
file steam_api.dll-Or (103.91 kB)
file steam_api.dll (593.50 kB)
file zlib1.dll (76.00 kB)
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