Скачать Loopmasters - Patchworx 19: Jack Sparrow Predator Presets (FXB.FXP, MIDI) торрент

Loopmasters - Patchworx 19: Jack Sparrow Predator Presets (FXB.FXP, MIDI)

Производитель: Loopmasters

64 дополнительных пресета для синтезатора Predator и миди файлов, спроектированные Jack Sparrow.
Patchworx from Loopmasters is a new concept which presents fresh and exclusive collections of hand crafted patches for the most popular soft synths, direct from the studios of our best producers and artist contacts. This title includes 64 custom made patches and also comes with 64 ready to edit MIDI files from the packs creators.
Patchworx 19 - Dubstep is a great collection of Dubstep Basses, Pads, Leads and FX, created using the Predator Synth by Jack Sparrow .
Jack Sparrow in a Leeds based producer with deep, dynamic, and diverse releases on Senseless Records, Contagious, Earwax, Pushing Red Recordings, Cloqwerq and Pinch's Tectonic label to date. He has also recently been involved in dubstep remix projects for a variety of artists including Skepta (3 Beat Records), Count and Sinden, and his highly anticipated debut album was released to glowing reviews internationally.
Jack has gone to town with this orginal collection of Dubstep sounds and samples for modern producers looking for the current sound of the Dubstep progression. Dark FX and Atmospheres blend with Heavy Bass Riffs, Tangled Arpeggios and Sub Bass Frequencies. This patch collection has a grat variety of Dark and Techy Sounds which producers of Dubstep, Grime, DnB and Downtempo will enjoy.
Included in this pack are 64 awesome dubstep patches, and 63 MIDI files to accompany the sounds, along with 1 Predator bank file.
The Patchworx series are brought to you by Loopmasters, and are a creative resource for producers who are looking to produce and perform their own musical parts, using genre specific sounds which have been designed by experts in their genre.
Patchworx titles will be released often and for a variety of the most popular soft synths, they are easy to download and install, and full instructions and support are available.
Create, Inspire and Perform with Patchworx - sound ammunition for your next production!
Loopmasters - Patchworx 19: Jack Sparrow Predator Presets (FXB.FXP, MIDI) 4.5 из 5 на основе 1217 просмотров, 5 отзывов.

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торрент Loopmasters - Patchworx 19: Jack Sparrow Predator Presets (FXB.FXP, MIDI)

4.83 MB
Loopmasters - Jack Sparrow Dubstep Predator Presets (133 файла)
INFO (4 файла)
file Licensing Agreement.rtf (33.00 kB)
file Loopmasters.com.url (116 b)
pdf Loopmasters_Info_2011.pdf (4.15 MB)
JS_MIDI FILES (4 файла)
BASS (32 файла)
file JS_Bass_ArnieBed_GD_D.mid (95 b)
file JS_Bass_BassStabs2_G.mid (307 b)
file JS_Bass_BassStabs_G.mid (319 b)
file JS_Bass_DarkIntroBed_G.mid (231 b)
file JS_Bass_Deeeep_GA_.mid (215 b)
file JS_Bass_Dubstepasaurus_GD.mid (115 b)
file JS_Bass_Dungeon_G.mid (279 b)
file JS_Bass_ExterminateBass_G.mid (269 b)
file JS_Bass_GargledBass2_EF.mid (151 b)
file JS_Bass_GargledBass_G.mid (133 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_CBDBDG.mid (262 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_DG.mid (230 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_EF.mid (418 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_EGF.mid (387 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_G.mid (101 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GAD_D.mid (406 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GA_.mid (286 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GDD.mid (214 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GDG.mid (251 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GD_D.mid (95 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GGF.mid (259 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_GG_BA.mid (328 b)
file JS_Bass_GetSined_G_G.mid (379 b)
file JS_Bass_GrimeyBass2_G.mid (360 b)
file JS_Bass_GrimeyBass3_G.mid (392 b)
file JS_Bass_GrimeyBass4_G.mid (194 b)
file JS_Bass_JumpUpBass_GG_.mid (293 b)
file JS_Bass_LowWobWob_EF.mid (221 b)
file JS_Bass_LowWobWob_GA_D.mid (375 b)
file JS_Bass_PulsatingBass_G.mid (232 b)
file JS_Bass_TalkinBass_G.mid (204 b)
file JS_Bass_Wobbler1_G.mid (191 b)
FX (4 файла)
file JS_FX_HawtingFx_GDD.mid (213 b)
file JS_FX_JumpUpDownerFX_G.mid (115 b)
file JS_FX_LongestRiseFX_G.mid (114 b)
file JS_FX_SpaceHopperFx_G.mid (114 b)
LEADS (13 файлов)
file JS_Lead_BalericChordLead_GD.mid (93 b)
file JS_Lead_BassLead_GG.mid (330 b)
file JS_Lead_BigRoomLead2_EF.mid (422 b)
file JS_Lead_BigRoomLead3_GGBGDE.mid (128 b)
file JS_Lead_BigRoomLead_GD_D.mid (393 b)
file JS_Lead_DarkDaysLead2_GGD.mid (200 b)
file JS_Lead_DarkDaysLead_CBDBDG.mid (266 b)
file JS_Lead_DubChord_GGD.mid (189 b)
file JS_Lead_FakeGuitarLead_EGF.mid (393 b)
file JS_Lead_OldSchoolLead_GGF.mid (264 b)
file JS_Lead_RythmLead_G.mid (102 b)
file JS_Lead_SonarLead2_GGD.mid (172 b)
file JS_Lead_SonarLead_GAD_D.mid (407 b)
PADS (14 файлов)
file JS_Pad_AngelsPad_G.mid (506 b)
file JS_Pad_BaronWasteland_G.mid (79 b)
file JS_Pad_BeachPad_CBD.mid (120 b)
file JS_Pad_BladeRunning2_GG_BA.mid (332 b)
file JS_Pad_BladeRunning_GGBGDE.mid (127 b)
file JS_Pad_CreeperPad_G.mid (85 b)
file JS_Pad_FallingSunPad_E_F.mid (566 b)
file JS_Pad_KnowingPad_BC.mid (556 b)
file JS_Pad_MediPad_GD.mid (161 b)
file JS_Pad_NoblePad_CEG.mid (120 b)
file JS_Pad_SeasickPad_G.mid (161 b)
file JS_Pad_SlotMachine_G.mid (281 b)
file JS_Pad_SolicePad_G.mid (107 b)
file JS_Pad_WarPad_G.mid (83 b)
BANK FILE (1 файл)
file PW19_JackSparrow Dubstep.fxb (407.15 kB)
Arp patches (3 файла)
file Arp_Dubstep_dreamscape_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Arp_Dubstep_hawting_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Arp_Dubstep_trancestep_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
bass patches (20 файлов)
file Bass_Dubstep_arniebed_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_bassstabs_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_darkintrobed_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_deeeeeeep_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_dubstepasaurusbass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_dungeon_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_duttybass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_exterminatebass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_gargled bass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_getsined_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_grimey4_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_grimeybass2_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_grimeybass3_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_industrialbass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_jumpupbass1_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_lowwobwob_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_pulsatingbass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_talkinbass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_upbeatbass_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_wobbler1_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
FX patches (5 файлов)
file FX_Dubstep_jumpupdowner_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file FX_Dubstep_longestriseever_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file FX_Dubstep_ravebuild_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file FX_Dubstep_shouting_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file FX_Dubstep_spacehopper_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
Lead patches (15 файлов)
file Lead_Dubstep_balericchord_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_basslead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_bigroomlead1_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_chilleddubchord_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_daftkid_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_darkdays_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_dubchord_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_fakeguitar_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_guitarstylelead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_harshlead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_oldschoollead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_rythmsynth_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_scifilead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_sonar_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Lead_Dubstep_veryminimallead_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
Pad patches (22 файла)
file Pad_Dubstep_angels_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_baronwastelandpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_beachpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_bladerunning_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_brainmelt_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_creeperpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_crypad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_darkpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_eeriepad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_fallingsun_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_holdmedown_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_knowingpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_losangelespad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_medipad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_noblepad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_seasick_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_slotmachine_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_solicepad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_thincinemapad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_warpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_wastelandpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_wildwoodpad_JS.fxp (3.18 kB)
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