Скачать Loopmasters - Patchworx 26: Octane & DLR FM8 Presets (nfm8, midi) торрент

Loopmasters - Patchworx 26: Octane & DLR FM8 Presets (nfm8, midi)

Производитель: Loopmasters
Формат: nfm8, midi

Описание: Превосходная коллекция звуков Bass, Arpeggio, Dark FX, Synth, Lead и Pads в качестве 64 пресет для синтезатора NI FM8 и 64 миди.
'Patchworx 26: Octane & DLR FM8 Presets', is a superb collection of tearing Bass, Arpeggio, Dark FX, Synth, Lead and Pads exclusively created by Octane & DLR. If you want a highly useable collection of freshly-crafted dark and twisted Drum and Bass or Dubstep FM8 presets from a top production team, then this collection is definitely one for you!

If you thought that the sounds from FM synthesizers were two-dimensional, drab and boring, then be prepared for an aural assault when you check out these sounds created by two of D&B’s most respected artists.

Octane & DLR are a production force to be reckoned with, each of the pair honing their skills with nine years in the making before joining forces. Each the perfectionist, combined they become much more than the sum of their parts.

A mutual love of twisted bass textures, organic soundscapes as well as live recording, pure originality in sound and production technique brings the pair truly into their own domain. They have brought all of their skills and expertise to the table with this sample pack release for Loopmasters.

The 64 FM8 Soft Synth Patches included in this pack are comprised of 33 dark, twisted and menacing Bass Patches, 13 Special FX Sounds, 11 deep and twisted Synth Patches, six Synths and Leads, one special Arpeggio Patch, plus 64 MIDI Files. With dirty growls, menacing leads, super subs, glassy pads and twisted FX, this a special and exclusive collection!

The Patchworx series are brought to you by Loopmasters, and are a creative resource for producers who are looking to produce and perform their own musical parts, using genre specific sounds which have been designed by experts in their genre.

Create, inspire and perform with Patchworx, sound ammunition for your next production!

Technical Specifications:

• 64 Native Instruments FM8 Presets
• 64 MIDI Files
• 1 Arp Preset and MIDI File
• 33 Bass Presets and MIDI Files
• 13 FX Presets and MIDI Files
• 11 Pad Presets and MIDI Files
• 6 Synths and Leads Presets and MIDI Files

Please Note:

This pack requires Native Instruments FM8 1.2.0+.
Loopmasters - Patchworx 26: Octane & DLR FM8 Presets (nfm8, midi) 4.5 из 5 на основе 1765 просмотров, 5 отзывов.

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торрент Loopmasters - Patchworx 26: Octane & DLR FM8 Presets (nfm8, midi)

4.39 MB
Loopmasters - Octane & DLR - Drum & Bass FM8 Presets (134 файла)
Loopmasters - Octane & DLR - Drum & Bass FM8 Presets (4 файла)
INFO (4 файла)
file Licensing Agreement.rtf (33.00 kB)
file Loopmasters.com.url (116 b)
pdf Loopmasters_Info_2011.pdf (4.15 MB)
OD Patchworx - FM8 Tutorial Patch (2 файла)
file TUTORIAL 101.mid (103 b)
file TUTORIAL 101.nfm8 (2.35 kB)
OD_FM8 PRESETS (64 файла)
file Arp_Electronic_ReeseArp_OD.nfm8 (2.40 kB)
file BassFX_DnB_Apple_Bottom_OD.nfm8 (2.75 kB)
file BassFX_DnB_Helicopter2012_OD.nfm8 (2.49 kB)
file BassFX_DnB_Stereo_Chopper_OD.nfm8 (2.38 kB)
file BassFX_DnB_TechyThing_OD.nfm8 (2.80 kB)
file BassFX_Electronic_AliensAttack.2.nfm8 (2.63 kB)
file BassFX_Electronic_AliensAttack_OD.nfm8 (2.65 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Harmonic_Reese_OD.nfm8 (2.06 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Harmonic_Sub_OD.nfm8 (1.75 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Junglist_OD.nfm8 (1.98 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Looong.2_OD.nfm8 (2.15 kB)
file Bass_DnB_LowReece.2_OD.nfm8 (2.23 kB)
file Bass_DnB_LowReece_OD.nfm8 (1.88 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Moving_Square_Sub_MOVEMENT_OD.nfm8 (2.00 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Noise_Move_Modulation_OD.nfm8 (2.68 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Squeltch_OD.nfm8 (1.83 kB)
file Bass_DnB_TalkBack_OD.nfm8 (2.08 kB)
file Bass_DnB_WampFactory_OD.nfm8 (2.38 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Wamp_Factory_FX.nfm8 (2.47 kB)
file Bass_DnB_looong_OD.nfm8 (2.23 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_ElecWobble.2_OD.nfm8 (2.09 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_ElecWobble_OD.nfm8 (2.16 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_Modulator_OD.nfm8 (2.43 kB)
file Bass_Dubstep_SlowModulations_OD.nfm8 (2.42 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_AcidNoise_OD.nfm8 (2.37 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_BassCreep_OD.nfm8 (2.69 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_DetunedHighOver_OD.nfm8 (2.24 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_DonkDetune_OD.nfm8 (2.08 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_Donk_OD.nfm8 (2.21 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_Drunk_OD.nfm8 (2.21 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_MovingReeseFX_OD.nfm8 (1.97 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_MovingSquareSub_OD.nfm8 (2.01 kB)
file Bass_Electronic_ReeseMachine_OD.nfm8 (2.10 kB)
file Bass__DnB_TechyThing_OD.nfm8 (2.91 kB)
file FX_DnB_ArpNoisePerc_OD.nfm8 (2.69 kB)
file FX_Electronic_AcidNoise_OD.nfm8 (2.19 kB)
file FX_Electronic_Builder_OD.nfm8 (2.20 kB)
file FX_Electronic_DetunedModulator_OD.nfm8 (1.89 kB)
file FX_Electronic_DetunedReverse_OD.nfm8 (2.08 kB)
file FX_Electronic_DirtMorph_OD.nfm8 (2.45 kB)
file FX_Electronic_FellOut.2_OD.nfm8 (2.47 kB)
file FX_Electronic_FellOut_OD.nfm8 (2.35 kB)
file FX_Electronic_Riser_Morph_OD.nfm8 (2.39 kB)
file FX_Electronic_Triangles_OD.nfm8 (2.42 kB)
file FX_Electronic_WindGenerator_OD.nfm8 (2.39 kB)
file FX_Electronic_WindyPops_OD.nfm8 (2.34 kB)
file FX_Electronic_WipWopBubble_OD.nfm8 (2.51 kB)
file Inst_Elec_WahPiano_OD.nfm8 (2.35 kB)
file Inst_Electronic_Spooks_Matrix_OD.nfm8 (2.37 kB)
file Inst_Electronic_Suit_Up_My_Matrix_OD.nfm8 (2.92 kB)
file Inst_Electronic_Suit_Up_OD.nfm8 (2.59 kB)
file Lead_Electronic_ChordReeseMachine_OD.nfm8 (2.09 kB)
file Mid_DnB_LowReeceTop_OD.nfm8 (2.10 kB)
file Pad_Dubstep_ElecWobbleEndFX_OD.nfm8 (2.24 kB)
file Pad_Elec_BoingFX_OD.nfm8 (2.30 kB)
file Pad_Elec_BoingWah_OD.nfm8 (2.37 kB)
file Pad_Elec_DarkDream_OD.nfm8 (2.39 kB)
file Pad_Elec_HardBell_Morph_OD.nfm8 (2.20 kB)
file Pad_Elec_HousePluckArp_OD.nfm8 (2.26 kB)
file Pad_Elec_MovingSquareDelay.nfm8 (2.11 kB)
file Pad_Elec_OrganPad_OD.nfm8 (2.26 kB)
file Pad_Elec_Play_Me_Morph_OD.nfm8 (2.24 kB)
file Pad_Elec_Torture_Me_OD.nfm8 (9.25 kB)
file Pad_Electronic_TastyLow_OD.nfm8 (2.52 kB)
OD_MIDI Files (64 файла)
file Arp_Electronic_ReeseArp_EbMaj_OD.mid (456 b)
file BassFX_DnB_Apple_Bottom_FMaj_OD.mid (301 b)
file BassFX_DnB_Helicopter2012_FMaj_OD.mid (273 b)
file BassFX_DnB_Stereo_Chopper_FMaj_OD.mid (273 b)
file BassFX_DnB_TechyThing_FMaj_OD.mid (269 b)
file BassFX_Electronic_AliensAttack.2_GbMaj_OD.mid (258 b)
file BassFX_Electronic_AliensAttack_FMaj_OD.mid (223 b)
file Bass_DnB_Harmonic_Reese_FMaj_OD.mid (291 b)
file Bass_DnB_Harmonic_Sub_FMaj_OD.mid (162 b)
file Bass_DnB_Junglist_FMaj_OD.mid (397 b)
file Bass_DnB_Looong.2_FMaj_OD.mid (496 b)
file Bass_DnB_LowReece.2_AMin_OD.mid (551 b)
file Bass_DnB_LowReece_GbMaj_OD.mid (492 b)
file Bass_DnB_Moving_Square_Sub_MOVEMENT_FMaj_OD.mid (665 b)
file Bass_DnB_Noise_Move_Modulation_GbMaj_OD.mid (1.16 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Squeltch_FMaj_OD.mid (120 b)
file Bass_DnB_TalkBack_FMaj_OD.mid (111 b)
file Bass_DnB_WampFactory_AbMaj_OD.mid (151 b)
file Bass_DnB_Wamp_FactoryFX_GMaj_OD.mid (119 b)
file Bass_DnB_looong_AMin_OD.mid (547 b)
file Bass_Dubstep_ElecWobble.2_GbMaj_OD.mid (465 b)
file Bass_Dubstep_ElecWobble_GbMaj_OD.mid (511 b)
file Bass_Dubstep_Modulator_DbMaj_OD.mid (246 b)
file Bass_Dubstep_SlowModulations_AbMin_OD.mid (167 b)
file Bass_Electronic_AcidNoise_DMaj_OD.mid (446 b)
file Bass_Electronic_BassCreep_BbMaj_OD.mid (713 b)
file Bass_Electronic_DetunedHighOver_BbMaj_OD.mid (719 b)
file Bass_Electronic_DonkDetune_FMaj_OD.mid (374 b)
file Bass_Electronic_Donk_GbMaj_OD.mid (119 b)
file Bass_Electronic_Drunk_GbMaj_OD.mid (132 b)
file Bass_Electronic_MovingReeseFX_GbMaj_OD.mid (152 b)
file Bass_Electronic_MovingSquareSub_GbMaj_OD.mid (705 b)
file Bass_Electronic_ReeseMachine_GbMaj_OD.mid (702 b)
file Bass__DnB_TechyThing_BbMaj_OD.mid (97 b)
file FX_DnB_ArpNoisePerc_FMaj_OD.mid (752 b)
file FX_Electronic_AcidNoise_AbMaj_OD.mid (749 b)
file FX_Electronic_Builder_BMaj_OD.mid (103 b)
file FX_Electronic_DetunedModulator_FMaj_OD.mid (218 b)
file FX_Electronic_DetunedReverse_BMaj_OD.mid (104 b)
file FX_Electronic_DirtMorph_DbMaj_OD.mid (541 b)
file FX_Electronic_FellOut.2_BbMaj_OD.mid (141 b)
file FX_Electronic_FellOut_BbMaj_OD.mid (139 b)
file FX_Electronic_Riser_Morph_BbMaj_OD.mid (103 b)
file FX_Electronic_Triangles_DbMaj_OD.mid (235 b)
file FX_Electronic_WindGenerator_DbMaj_OD.mid (239 b)
file FX_Electronic_WindyPops_DbMaj_OD.mid (909 b)
file FX_Electronic_WipWopBubble_BMaj_OD.mid (254 b)
file Inst_Elec_WahPiano_BbMaj_OD.mid (639 b)
file Inst_Electronic_Spooks_Matrix_FMaj_OD.mid (202 b)
file Inst_Electronic_Suit_Up_FMaj_OD.mid (611 b)
file Inst_Electronic_Suit_Up_My_Matrix_BMaj_OD.mid (326 b)
file Lead_Electronic_ChordReeseMachine_BbMaj_OD.mid (522 b)
file Mid_DnB_LowReeceTop_GbMaj_OD.mid (494 b)
file Pad_Dubstep_ElecWobbleEndFX_BbMaj_OD.mid (566 b)
file Pad_Elec_BoingFX_BbMaj_OD.mid (653 b)
file Pad_Elec_BoingWah_GbMaj_OD.mid (1.82 kB)
file Pad_Elec_DarkDream_BbMin_OD.mid (146 b)
file Pad_Elec_HardBell_Morph_BMaj_OD.mid (323 b)
file Pad_Elec_HousePluckArp_BMaj_OD.mid (119 b)
file Pad_Elec_MovingSquareDelay_BbMaj_OD.mid (264 b)
file Pad_Elec_OrganPad_ABMaj_OD.mid (219 b)
file Pad_Elec_Play_Me_Morph_BMaj_OD.mid (136 b)
file Pad_Elec_Torture_Me_BMaj_OD.mid (161 b)
file Pad_Electronic_TastyLow_FMaj_OD.mid (135 b)
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