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Loopmasters - Patchworx 24: Drum & Bass Thor Presets (thor)

Производитель: Loopmasters
Формат: thor

64 пресета для Thor и 64 миди.

'Patchworx 24: Drum & Bass Thor Presets' is a collection of Dark Basses, Deep FX, Searing Leads and Atmospheric Pads which have been exclusively created for Drum and Bass and Dubstep producers Worldwide who use Propellerheads Reason to make their music. This is a great collection of sounds which is sure to feature in many future tracks and releases.

You'll find a large palette of Sub-sonic Basses, Beautiful Atmospheric Pads, Techy Leads, Distorted Reeces, Sweeps, Rises, and much more.

The 64 Thor Patches included in this pack are comprised of 13 Sub-basses, seven FX, 15 Leads, 10 Atmos Pads, 14 Reece Basses, and five bonus Synths, plus 64 MIDI files.

If you are making dark Dance music and use Propellerheads Reason to make your tracks, then you definitely need to check out this exhaustive sound bank today!

The Patchworx series are brought to you by Loopmasters, and are a creative resource for producers who are looking to produce and perform their own musical parts, using genre specific sounds which have been designed by experts in their genre. Patchworx is a new concept which presents fresh and exclusive collections of hand-crafted patches for the most popular soft synths, direct from the studios of Loopmasters' best producers and artist contacts.

This title includes 64 custom-made patches and also comes with 64 ready-to-edit MIDI files from the pack's creators.

Patchworx titles will be released often and for a variety of the most popular soft synths, they are easy to download and install, and full instructions and support are available.

Create, inspire and perform with Patchworx, sound ammunition for your next production!

Technical Specifications:

• 64 Reason Thor Instrument Presets
• 64 MIDI Files

Presets and MIDI:

• 10 Bass
• 7 SFX
• 15 Lead
• 6 Atmos
• 4 Pad
• 14 Reece
• 3 Sub-bass
• 5 Synth

Please Note:

Propellerheads Thor is required to use this product.
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торрент Loopmasters - Patchworx 24: Drum & Bass Thor Presets (thor)

4.61 MB
Loopmasters.Presents.DnB.Synths.Thor.MIDI.Synths-Presets (132 файла)
INFO (4 файла)
file Licensing Agreement.rtf (33.00 kB)
file Loopmasters.com.url (116 b)
pdf Loopmasters_Info_2011.pdf (4.15 MB)
LM24_DNB_MIDI (64 файла)
file Atmosphere_AbMaj_DnB_HellsGate_NBT.mid (1.12 kB)
file Atmosphere_BbMaj_DnB_TheLastGate_NBT.mid (179 b)
file Atmosphere_DbMaj_DnB_RainOutsideMyShelter_NBT.mid (7.64 kB)
file Atmosphere_DbMaj_DnB_XDarkspace_NBT.mid (6.44 kB)
file Atmosphere_FMaj_DnB_FatalRadiation_NBT.mid (15.24 kB)
file Atmosphere_GbMaj_DnB_TheDarknessInside_NBT.mid (11.57 kB)
file Bass_BMaj_DnB_Comber_NBT.mid (2.40 kB)
file Bass_DbMaj_DnB_LPFPeakBass_NBT.mid (4.46 kB)
file Bass_DbMaj_DnB_TriangleBass_NBT.mid (1.52 kB)
file Bass_EMaj_DnB_Wobbler_NBT.mid (6.36 kB)
file Bass_FMaj_DnB_DistortionField_NBT.mid (11.06 kB)
file Bass_FMin_DnB_ElectroBass_NBT.mid (515 b)
file Bass_GbMaj_DnB_AnacondaReese_NBT.mid (4.94 kB)
file Bass_GbMaj_DnB_BigBadSquare_NBT.mid (6.42 kB)
file Bass_GbMaj_DnB_DrumstepBass_NBT.mid (6.15 kB)
file Bass_GbMaj_DnB_ShortNeuroBass_NBT.mid (8.54 kB)
file Fx_AMaj_DnB_PortalSweep_NBT.mid (6.46 kB)
file Fx_AbMaj_DnB_MetallicReverse_NBT.mid (2.08 kB)
file Fx_BbMin_DnB_FxPad_NBT.mid (4.32 kB)
file Fx_CMaj_DnB_BassDroppa_NBT.mid (111 b)
file Fx_CMaj_DnB_Shutdown_NBT.mid (7.53 kB)
file Fx_CMaj_DnB_TakeOff_NBT.mid (6.66 kB)
file Fx_FMaj_DnB_SweepUp_NBT.mid (5.18 kB)
file Lead_AMaj_DnB_Darkside_NBT.mid (6.66 kB)
file Lead_AbMaj_DnB_FifthChord_NBT.mid (2.83 kB)
file Lead_AbMaj_DnB_IncomingChord_NBT.mid (4.36 kB)
file Lead_BbMin_DnB_TranceLead_NBT.mid (8.63 kB)
file Lead_DbMaj_DnB_FormantLead_NBT.mid (8.96 kB)
file Lead_DbMaj_DnB_Overdrive_NBT.mid (6.49 kB)
file Lead_DbMaj_DnB_Overlord_NBT.mid (2.42 kB)
file Lead_EMaj_DnB_SquareLead_NBT.mid (8.85 kB)
file Lead_EbMaj_DnB_TrancePluck_NBT.mid (271 b)
file Lead_EbMin_DnB_HarmonicLead_NBT.mid (5.10 kB)
file Lead_EbMin_DnB_PitchPuncher_NBT.mid (957 b)
file Lead_EbMin_DnB_WeirdLead_NBT.mid (7.47 kB)
file Lead_GbMaj_DnB_DevastatorLead_NBT.mid (4.50 kB)
file Lead_GbMaj_DnB_HorrorLead_NBT.mid (1.40 kB)
file Lead_GbMaj_DnB_PhatPitch_NBT.mid (6.10 kB)
file Pad_AMin_DnB_Sinister5th_NBT.mid (4.35 kB)
file Pad_BbMin_DnB_LiquidMajestic_NBT.mid (3.71 kB)
file Pad_DbMaj_DnB_AmbientPad_NBT.mid (5.94 kB)
file Pad_DbMaj_DnB_SuspenseStrings_NBT.mid (15.74 kB)
file ReeseBass_AMaj_DnB_Industrial_NBT.mid (4.74 kB)
file ReeseBass_CMaj_DnB_HPComb_NBT.mid (3.75 kB)
file ReeseBass_DbMaj_DnB_AttackBass_NBT.mid (8.94 kB)
file ReeseBass_DbMaj_DnB_Phase_NBT.mid (4.91 kB)
file ReeseBass_DbMaj_DnB_SuperSquare_NBT.mid (3.62 kB)
file ReeseBass_EMaj_DnB_RoboBass_NBT.mid (2.00 kB)
file ReeseBass_FMaj_DnB_WidePeakBass_NBT.mid (3.20 kB)
file ReeseBass_FMin_DnB_RampJumper_NBT.mid (4.20 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_Electro_NBT.mid (5.48 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_Helicopter_NBT.mid (6.32 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_Jumper_NBT.mid (4.50 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_NoizeBass_NBT.mid (2.84 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_RaverReese_NBT.mid (4.55 kB)
file ReeseBass_GbMaj_DnB_SludgeTunnel_NBT.mid (6.91 kB)
file SubBass_DbMaj_DnB_Deeper_NBT.mid (4.35 kB)
file SubBass_FMaj_DnB_SuperSub_NBT.mid (5.07 kB)
file SubBass_GbMaj_DnB_DaftFunk_NBT.mid (5.79 kB)
file Synth_EbMaj_DnB_DarkAttack_NBT.mid (6.44 kB)
file Synth_EbMaj_DnB_WideTalker_NBT.mid (169 b)
file Synth_GMaj_DnB_WavetableWobbler_NBT.mid (4.72 kB)
file Synth_GbMaj_DnB_ChaosSynth_NBT.mid (3.95 kB)
file Synth_GbMaj_DnB_WalkingSynth_NBT.mid (4.39 kB)
LM24_THOR_PRESETS (64 файла)
file Atmosphere_DnB_FatalRadiation_NBT.thor (1.20 kB)
file Atmosphere_DnB_HellsGate_NBT.thor (1.18 kB)
file Atmosphere_DnB_RainOutsideMyShelter_NBT.thor (1.22 kB)
file Atmosphere_DnB_TheDarknessInside_NBT.thor (1.21 kB)
file Atmosphere_DnB_TheLastGate_NBT.thor (1.19 kB)
file Atmosphere_DnB_XDarkSpace_NBT.thor (1.18 kB)
file Bass_DnB_AnacondaReese_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Bass_DnB_BigBadSquare_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Comber_NBT.thor (1.14 kB)
file Bass_DnB_DistortionField_NBT.thor (1.18 kB)
file Bass_DnB_DrumstepBass_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Bass_DnB_ElectroBass_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Bass_DnB_LPFPeakBass_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Bass_DnB_ShortNeuroBass_NBT.thor (1.18 kB)
file Bass_DnB_TriangleBass_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Bass_DnB_Wobbler_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Fx_DnB_BassDroppa_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Fx_DnB_FxPad_NBT.thor (1.13 kB)
file Fx_DnB_MetallicReverse_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Fx_DnB_PortalSweep_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Fx_DnB_Shutdown_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Fx_DnB_SweepUp_NBT.thor (1.14 kB)
file Fx_DnB_TakeOff_NBT.thor (1.12 kB)
file Lead_DnB_Darkside_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Lead_DnB_DevastatorLead_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Lead_DnB_FifthChord_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Lead_DnB_FormantLead_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Lead_DnB_HarmonicLead_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Lead_DnB_HorrorLead_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Lead_DnB_IncomingChord_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Lead_DnB_OverLord_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Lead_DnB_Overdrive_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Lead_DnB_PhatPitch_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Lead_DnB_PitchPuncher_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Lead_DnB_SquareLead_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Lead_DnB_TranceLead_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Lead_DnB_TrancePluck_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Lead_DnB_WeirdLead_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Pad_DnB_AmbientPad_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Pad_DnB_LiquidMajestic_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Pad_DnB_Sinister5th_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Pad_DnB_SuspenseStrings_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_AttackBass_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_Electro_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_HPComb_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_Helicopter_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_Industrial_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_Jumper_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_NoizeBass_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_Phase_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_RampJumper_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_RaverReese_NBT.thor (1.18 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_RoboBass.thor (1.15 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_SludgeTunnel_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_SuperSquare_NBT.thor (1.19 kB)
file ReeseBass_DnB_WidePeakBass_NBT.thor (1.19 kB)
file SubBass_DnB_DaftFunk_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file SubBass_DnB_Deeper_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file SubBass_DnB_SuperSub_NBT.thor (1.16 kB)
file Synth_DnB_ChaosSynth_NBT.thor (1.17 kB)
file Synth_DnB_DarkAttack_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Synth_DnB_WalkingSynth_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
file Synth_DnB_WavetableWobbler_NBT.thor (1.19 kB)
file Synth_DnB_WideTalker_NBT.thor (1.15 kB)
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